About Pat Vohr

After many working years, I retired from active nursing. I desperately needed something meaningful to do and had to fight the urge to go back to work. I have always been a crafter, especially complex knitting and seamstress work. I tried quilting, but soon grew tired of those little scraps of material. I tried fabric portraits but was not very good at that.

Then I discovered the magical world of eco printing. Fabric must be carefully prepared to take the prints of leaves and flowers. Here was a way to combine my love of the natural world with my crafting. I use all natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen. I collect leaves and flowers from my gardens and surrounding woods. It is a joy.

Recently, I have discovered dying with natural pigments, such as Madder, Weld, and Cochineal. Some can be grown in my garden. Through the magic of the web, I have met many artists across the globe and leaned so many techniques. There is no end to what our natural world can offer.

I am also a classical pianist and continue to take lessons.

I live in western Mass with my 2 quirky Border Collies and my very supportive MD husband. Thanks for your interest in my work