Eco Printing -What is it?

Definition of eco printing from Google;

'To create prints of leaves ,and/or flowers,using tannins, natural pigments, and acids present in leaves, by combining them with mordants,moisture,and heat on fabric', or on paper.

Process: Very Brief description:

1."Scour" the target fabric.(only use natural fabrics,ie wool, silk,cotton etc...... Must be absolutely free of all other detergents, chemicals etc. used by the manufacturer.

2.Treat fabric with a mordant salt suitable for the fibers. Treat linen with tannin.

3. Lay out a barrier such as foil, plastic ,paper etc.

4. Lay out your target fabric on top of the barrier.

5. Arrange your leaves and vegetation as desired.

6. Steam in a pot for 1-2 hours.

7. Best part; after cooling ,open your bundle to discover your prints.

More detailed inmformation at: