Brief Description of Eco Printing

For me, Eco printing combines my love of nature with textiles and all things natural. Here is a very brief discription of the process that I use.

1. Scour the target fabric. Must be absolutely clean and free of detergent and chemicals used by the manufacturer. Can be done in a pot on the stove, simmered until clean.

2. Mordant the fabric: choice of mordant depends on the fabric content. wool,cotton,linen bamboo etc. Example I use PAS for wool. Also I use tannin for linen.

3. Lay out a barrier on your work surface, of plastic, foil, paper etc.

4. Lay your fabric on top of the barrier. Arrange your leaves /flowers as desired.(see the photo)

5. Roll all the layers very tightly on a dowel or pipe and wrap with T shirt yarn or twine.

6. Place in a pot and steam your bundle for 1-2 hours or more.

7. Allow to cool. Then open your bundle. Voila... If all goes well , you will have detailed prints straight from your garden or nature.Remember this craft is an art and a science.

There are many variations to this process.For example: add color by soaking a blanket in dye,or iron or copper etc.